Renowned expertise in market abuse

Disclosure obligations

Finnel has ample experience with the obligation issuers have to immediately disclose price-sensitive information, including disclosures on financial setbacks, acquisitions, public bids, share offerings, fraud (investigations) and technological advancements.

Inside information

Finnel has a deep understanding of the regulation of the sharing of inside information. Experience ranges from traditional forms of sharing of inside information to consulting large shareholders in the context of corporate events. Finnel is also very familiar with the regulation of insider trading, including everything from traditional forms of insider trading to front-running matters.

Trade-based manipulation

Over the years, Finnel has gathered unique knowledge concerning the regulation of trade-based market manipulation, not only from a legal point of view, but also regarding the underlying behaviour. We have experience with almost every form of trade-based market manipulation, including more traditional forms like “marking the close” and “pump and dump” as well as corporate events like stabilising trades and buy-back programmes.

Information-based manipulation

Finnel has significant expertise in the regulation of information-based market manipulation, such as manipulation of benchmarks (Libor/Euribor) and the issuance of false or misleading statements by listed companies.

Financial regulatory matters

Finnel’s expertise also extends to financial laws and regulations other than the ones mentioned above, as well as to enforcement actions for non-compliance therewith.

Fraud and bribery

Finnel can provide your company with sound, experience-based insight regarding the regulation of fraud and bribery.